How to add a shared folder in VMware

  1. Attempt to install VMware Tools
  2. Enable shared folder settings (in options) and make a directory attempted to share.
  3. add ln -s /mnt/hgfs/vm-shared/ ~/Desktop/vm-shared to make a shortcut on Desktop.
  • ln is softlink

[GNU] Cross-Compiler

Cross-Compiler is a compiler that can compile a executable file which can execute on a different platform.

Like gcc on Linux can get a ARM executable file.

The advantage is that we can get the exe file through a high-performance x86 PC, instead of ARM CPU. And it’ll make the compile time more faster.

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[Article] Resume Suggestions


求職時提交個人簡歷以及申請信(cover letter)的目的是讓你能過第一輪篩選。90%在這個階段就失去機會,多可惜啊!下面是我對寫簡歷的一些建議:

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